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Because Zoey Dean doesn’t offer much information about herself in her official A-list website as well as in the Hachette Book website, we cannot give you much information, either. But we do have a small paragraph about Zoey Dean and her life with A-List:


Zoey Dean divides her time between Beverly Hills, California, and her favorite small islands in the Caribbean. She is currently working at an undisclosed location on her fourth juicy The A-List book, to be published in April 2005.

That was rather short, wasn’t it? Maybe an interview would help?

NOTE: we got this interview from a website about book references. If you’d like to report this interview, contact us and explain why. Thanks!




Zoey Dean Interview with HACHETTE BOOK CLUB of USA



Mary Springfield, Hachette Book Club of USA: Welcome, Zoey! How is it, you know, being a writer? Were you always interested in becoming a writer?


Zoey Dean, author, The A-List novels: Of course. When I was a little girl, I’d write short stories about what I saw everyday…like teenage girls and guys dating, women buying expensive handbags and exotic cars driving down the streets. I was lucky enough to grow up in a fairly privileged neighborhood—not that I’m going to brag about it.


MS: No, don’t worry. We want to hear it all! So, how is it being a novelist…that’s definitely saying something, isn’t it? You’re a novelist…much more than just a writer, right?


ZD: Surely. I am glad I got to this point in my life. Actually, I never even thought it’d happen! I just started writing and it just…worked. But I do appreciate it. And yes, being a novelist is saying something, but I won’t say much more because novelists and writers work just as hard. Writing and thinking of plans is harder than you think. Being a novelist is wonderful, but everyone starts out as being a writer.


MS: Of course. So, what’s with the series? Why’d you stumble upon such a broad lifestyle? Why not your average-Jane?


ZD: Simply because it’s more interesting reading juicy, provocative stories!


MS: I agree. But…please explain your characters. Who is Anna Percy?


ZD: Actually, you don’t pronounce it as ‘Anna’. It’s pronounced ‘Ah-na’. You know, like ‘Ana’. I think it sounds fancier. So, when you read the story, make sure you’re thinking ‘Ah-na’.


MS: Got it. But who is she?


ZD: She’s a wonderful person. Sincere, sweet, gentle, and smart. I think of her as myself when I was younger, often. However that sounds, though, it’s true. Anna is certainly my favorite character. Not because she’s the main one, but  because I can mostly relate to her….


MS: Yes, from what I’ve read, Anna is quite the charmer. Who, by the way, is Cyn?


ZD: Her name is Cynthia, but Anna calls her ‘Cyn’ for short. It sounds sort of like ‘sin’, but that’s not what it means. Anyway, Cynthia is Anna’s best friend. They’ve known each other forever. Cynthia is a bit wilder than Anna, and Anna is definitely calmer and toned than Cyn. Therefore, they balance each other out when they meet throughout the series.


MS: Speaking of them meeting, they split up, didn’t they?


ZD: Physically, yes. Mentally no. See, When Anna moved to Beverly Hills for the rest of high school…for a few obvious reasons…she and Cyn were separated. But Cyn visits Anna as often as possible. They talk on the phone, laugh…all that. So, really, they were just split physically. But they’ll meet again throughout the series, of course.


MS: They must be good friends to really stay connected so far away! I hear Anna’s from New York City? Imagine traveling from New York City to Los Angeles.


ZD: Good friends don’t care what the distance is, as long as they make it safe and in time to greet their lifelong buddy.


MS: I couldn’t agree more. So, who are the people Anna meets in L.A.?


ZD: First she meets Ben. He’s a hottie from college. Princeton, to be exact. He was going to LA. to his house for the summer, and then he’ll return to Princeton later. But while on his plane to L.A. he stumbles upon Anna. They meet, laugh, talk…you know. Flirt? Things happen and they sort of hook up. He invites her to a party.


MS: Interesting. Who else does Ms. Percy meet?


ZD: Oh. Tons of folks. She’s totally rich, so walking around L.A. in style isn’t hard. But she meets a girl named Samantha, who’s father is Jackson, a famous movie star. Samantha is a cool character. I really like her a lot. Almost better than Cyn, since Cyn’s absent most of the series.




MS: Why Samantha over Cynthia?


ZD: Well Samantha sort of takes Cynthia’s place while Anna’s in L.A. The girls meet and click. They’re friends, but not best friends from the start. First it’s awkward and slow, but then as they know each other more it lightens and speeds up. Not that their going to do anything erotic….(laughs)


MS: I see! Tell me more. I want to get to know Samantha.


ZD: Well, like Cynthia—Cyn—Samantha has a nickname, too. Samantha is Sam. Simple as that. Sam. Anywho, Samantha is tall, but not taller than Anna. She’s got long, dark brown hair and big eyes. She’s not skinny, either. And I mean skinny as in the Hollywood version of skinny! If Sam were in New York, maybe she’d be average, but Hollywood has different view’s than New York.


MS: Yes, they do.


ZD: However, underneath what Sam calls her fat…which she’s not really that fat…just bigger than most people she knows…she’s truly sweet like Anna. Very nice. That’s what Samantha is. She’s a total, genuine friend…mostly. She can be bitchy sometimes, but who can’t?


MS: (Laughs) I know. It happens.


ZD: Yes. And Anna also meets Cammie Shepherd. I won’t go into too much detail about her. But she’s taller than Anna. She’s got long, wavy, strawberry-blond hair and hazel green eyes. She’s very pretty and much, much skinnier than Samantha, by Hollywood standards. She’s even skinnier than thin Anna! But Cammie, I must say, is different than Sam and Anna, and Cyn.


MS: How so?


ZD: Let me put it out straight: she’s a slut. They nicknamed her Walking Sex, although, I don’t put her name out as that. If I were to say Cammie was going out for a latte with her friends, I wouldn’t say, “Walking Sex and her friends went to Insomnia Café for some lattes.” I’d just say, “Cammie and her friends headed towards Insomnia Café for some lattes.” Walking Sex was just a joke made up from her edgy, sexy, and wild ways.


MS: I understand. Well, Zoey, that was very interesting. Hopefully, we can share a longer interview later, about more characters, and more about the next couple of books in store, huh?


ZD: Definitely! I had a great time!


MS: Thank you so much for coming.


ZD: No problem. I’d come back whenever you need me.


MS: Agreed! Thank you, and I’ll be sure to catch up on my reading for the A-List.


ZD: Oh, thank you so much! I had a wonderful time!....


MS: Oh, no problem!



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