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This website was started sometime in the summer of 2006—August 1, to be exact—after the webmasters read all of the A-List books that were out at that time, which was only six novels. While reading the first book, the webmaster already wanted to create a fansite, but since she’s still well into high school—9th grade—and can’t afford to create a site, she decided not to.


Later, a friend showed the webmaster a blog she’d made over the summer, with pictures, captions, and more, about her vacation in Oahu. She told the webmaster that she made her blog for free, and that’s when The A-List at Tripod came into action. It was a free fansite for The A-List novels!


The webmaster, whose name has been kept secret for her own safety purposes and rights, easily made her fansite using all the information she knew, discussing the books and more. It was fun to her and she loves it. She loves sharing the books, conducting polls, updating the site and mastering her web. Therefore, this site is here to stay, so come back for updates!


Anyways, now that the webmaster is in 9th grade, and school’s getting harder, longer, and more work is ahead of her, she apologizes for not updating the site as often as she used to. But back to the site….


The site was officially made in August, after one long summer of finding a host. Finally, she found Tripod. There are tons of fansites out there, and the webmaster knows this. She’s been scanning sites and surfing the web a lot to find her competition, but no one’s site seems to compare! This site was extremely successful thanks to the guests: You! So come back often with your support not only for The A-List novels, but Zoey Dean as well!


We’re glad you read this entire section, and was willing to learn about us. Please, browse our site, have more fun and get to know the A-List. It’s an incredibly feisty, fun, and well-written series that we’ve loved from the start.


The books are available online at, as well as on bookshelves at bookstores like Barnes & Noble Booksellers. You can also find ways to borrow them from a library. Whatever you do, do it, because these exciting series’ are certain to have you hungry for more!


Visit the official A-List site here:


Visit’s  official blog here:  – oh yeah… HAVE FUN!


For more juicy information about us…

     Check back for updates. Sincerely, The A-List at Tripod.

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