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Our First Post
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Sunday, 10 September 2006
THE A-LIST, first entry!!!
Mood:  happy
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Topic: Our First Post

Hey! For all of you who've been to our site, you know what this blog is. Share your feelings for the fun novels, The A-List, by Zoey Dean. You can catch up on these novels at www.a-listnovels.com, or you can visit our Official fansite, at Tripod: http://a-listnovels.tripod.com. We have tons of fun stuff for you to see, read, and more!

 Anyways, let's get to the point...Which we basically don't have...

But this is our first point and we're just glad to have it here. We'd love for you to be open, share your thoughts about our site and more. It's really cool and custom so check it out! We appreciate yourr time so just...go ahead! Live it up and visit as often as possible. Remember, our URL is http://a-listnovels.tripod.com. We appreciate your time and effort in reading our very first entry!

Our website was a success, thanks to your support for us, Zoey Dean, and her fabulous A-List novels. Remember, you can purchase The A-List novels by 3 ways:

1) Bookstore - The best bookstore is Barnes & Noble. Go to the official Barnes and Noble's website first to see if it's in stock. And, many Barnes and Noble Booksellers stores are nationwide, so visit your local B&N Bookseller today!

2) Online - Another good way is to purchase the A-List series' online. You can go to Amazon and save 10% off! Amazon is a good way to shop, and much better than eBay because Amazon has better quality-pictures and more to offer.

3) Mail - Order your book from either Barnes & Noble Booksellers or Amazon via online or via postal credit.

4) Library - Some libraries allow visitors to purchase books if they're a member. Most libraries charge $8+ for memberships...but you don't have to purchase it. Maybe the books aren't for you. If they're not, why are you still reading...? Anyway, if they are, ask your local Library about purchases. Most Libraries hold annual sales yearly...go to yours and find out, or ask them to pre-order/order the book for you online, which will set you back for a fee around $5+ bucks.....

So now that we've got 3 good, handy-dandy ways to purchase the book, where to find it, you need to know how much it costs. It's usually around ten bucks.

At Barnes & Noble, you can purchase it at the store for $9.99, and online for $9.99 (Members pay $8.99 either way). YOU SAVE: $1.00, or 10%

At Amazon, you can purchase it online for $9.99. YOU SAVE: $1.00, or 10%


But thanks for reading our long, first post. Visit our official fansite--not official website--and check us out. Leave us comments in our Contact Page and also, please read our entries and TAKE THE POLL ON THE HOMEPAGE. Have fun!

Oh, yeah, and...


Don't forget to add posts and comments to our blog and Guestbook! We really appreciate them!

Posted by a-listnovels at 1:47 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 10 September 2006 2:07 PM EDT

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